As a community of faith we are focused on nurturing and developing our spiritual health as well as supporting others on their journey. Here are some of the ways we do that:

Daily Prayer
Daily Prayer is essential for our spiritual heath. Personal prayer as well as corporate prayer is essential. Although we don't have a space where we can gather daily for Morning and Evening Prayer we can connect with others from where we are.  We can do that on our our or by connecting with The Trinity Mission.  The Trinity Mission ( offers these services this on-line.

Scripture Reading
 Like a  of person prayer, a
 daily habit of Scripture reading crucial for us.  God has written to use His story - which we our story.  Through it we learn more about Him and how we are designed to live life to its fullest,: Reading, marking and inwardly digesting God’s word is critical.

Here are some resources to help :
Daily Audio Bible (
ouVersion Bible App
The Lectionary Page:

Spiritual Friendships
Whether in groups for two or three or larger, people who want be in on God’s mission meet together for support and encouragement. Spiritual Friendships help to keep us focused and, when we start to stray away, friends help each other to stay connected to our Source.

Corporate Worship
We come together to worship our Lord as one body each week - at least once a week.  Each one has a spiritual gift which is needed by the entire body to build the body up to spiritual maturity. Currently we have two corporate worship times.  The first one of the day is at  2:00 pm in Speciality Hospital of Meridian and the other is at 4:00 pm (Service of Holy Communion/ The Lord's Supper) in Rush Hospital Cafeteria.